I have a Master in Counselling from City University in Vancouver (a new degree that replaced the M.A. in Psychology they used to offer). I also have a B.A. in Women's Studies from Wellesley College. I chose that major because I was interested in understanding more about how we form our identities, act them out, and remake ourselves over our lifetimes.

CCC Designation

I am a Certified Canadian Counsellor, or CCC. (It's like the RCC designation you might have seen, but it's national instead of provincial.) It means that the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) has certified that I have met their strict criteria for membership—I took several years of courses, wrote a thesis, did a long internship, learned under supervision, and then gathered recommendations from seasoned professionals in the field who vouched for my skills as a counsellor. It also means that I have agreed to follow the CCPA's code of ethical practice.


I trained for a year at the Adler Centre in Vancouver. There, I learned depth psychology techniques and practices. I also learned other forms of therapy, including brief, solution-focused, strengths-based, systems-oriented, multiculturally sensitive, and collaborative (feminist and narrative) therapies. That might sound like jargon to you, as it would to a lot of people, so please feel free to ask me—or read about my Approach—to get that information in plain English.

I have done extra training in how to treat anxiety and depression. Look for future postings about these exciting new ideas and approaches on my Blog.


Olivia Kienzel


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