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Olivia Kienzel, Master in Counselling, RCC Reg. #12677

I've lived in Vancouver since 2006 and grew up in Southern California. Before settling here, I lived in many different cities and a couple of other countries.

I still see myself as an outsider in Canadian culture. I find that this position helps me stay curious about how you experience the world in a unique way, and how that affects your life, relationships, identity, and choices. This curiosity is often helpful in the counselling room, where we try to find new ways of viewing old problems and uncover the influence of unseen forces on our lives. I think that a lot of us feel like outsiders, often in unseen ways. This feeling can be lonely, but it can also become a source of strength, pride, and even joy.

Before I worked hard to become a counsellor, I was a journalist, editor, and writing mentor. I covered politics, social justice, and civil rights for the alternative press, including several LGBTQ publications. I also work in restorative justice, which has taught me a great deal about trauma, colonization, resistance (to oppressive circumstances and systems), and the importance of relationships and community in our lives.

I see my current work as a continuation of my past experiences, something I write more about in my Blog. For more information, see the section on my Approach.



Olivia Kienzel


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